In August 2014 CompRex LLC (De Pere, Wisconsin) was awarded a contract to design, engineer, fabricate and test high pressure, diffusion bonded stainless steel heat exchanger for CO2 power cycle development. Today CompRex announces that they have passes a significant mile stone with the successful hydraulic pressure test of a fabrication demonstration unit representing the intended heat exchanger. A representative scaled-down unit was manufactured for pressure testing. Test results showed that the unit exceeded the expected burst pressure for the design. A photograph of the the unit follows.

The units were designed and engineered by CompRex and manufactured and tested at Robinson Metal in De Pere, Wisconsin.

“We are pleased with the significant progress we have made to the point of successfully completing the pressure testing of this high pressure, diffusion bonded stainless steel exchanger. This is just one of many diffusion bonded exchanger and reactors CompRex will supply to industry and development teams in support of supercritical CO2 power cycle development,” commented Zhijun Jia, CEO of CompRex.

CompRex is an U.S. based technology leading independent manufacturer of highly engineered, brazed and diffusion bonded heat exchangers and chemical reactors. The CompRex units are custom engineered to offer the desired performance for many process that can benefit from highly efficient and compact technology. CompRex is a print partner with Robinson Metal, Inc, which oversees all CompRex product manufacturing. Robinson Metal also fabricated skids and custom enclosure for all modular system designed by CompRex. With CompRex’s strong heat exchanger and react knowledge and design capabilities, and Robinson Metal’s strong manufacturing and fabricating capabilities, we are able to provide custom designed integrated systems to meet our clients needs.